At RT Ellis (RTE) safety is our #1 priority. We have created a safety culture to ensure each employee returns home safely every day. We achieve this through continuous safety education and accountability. RTE is fully compliant with all OSHA safety standards and has gone the extra mile to ensure that a strong culture of safety is in place at our company.

Starting with our leadership, we empower and encourage each employee to STOP any potential hazardous situation with 100% stop-work authority and hold each employee accountable for these practices. Employees at all levels are encouraged to take an active role in safety and accident prevention and no one is ever allowed on jobsites without thorough training and all appropriate safety gear. Our supervisors are vigilant to spot hazardous behaviors or employees who are not fit for duty that day. We also conduct rigorous risk and safety assessments before beginning any job.

Safety is a daily concern and is foremost on our minds every step of the way during a project. Every accident is preventable and even just one injury is one too many. RTE also utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to ensure not only maximum efficiency and productivity, but also unwavering safety. This allows us to get the job done faster and better, with lower costs, and without incident. As a result we are able to pass savings along to our clients while also creating a safe, positive work environment for our employees.